School Fees

"By virtue of their belonging to the Catholic community, children have a right to education in our Catholic schools. Parents choosing to exercise that right, on behalf of their children, accept the consequence of obtaining funds to cover the cost involved in providing such education."

"The balance is in securing a reasonable justice to all parents by seeking to ensure that individual parents contribute their share."

School Fees in Sale Diocesan Schools

School Fee Guidelines


  • The annual school fee will be determined by DOSCEL (Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Limited) in consultation with the School Committee and Principal

  • School fees are charged on a per family basis irrespective of the number of children in the family attending the school

  • The school offers a number of methods for fee payment to assist families in planning their finances to minimise the financial burden at any particular time. While families may nominate particular payment cycles – weekly, monthly etc – account statements will only be sent on a term basis

  • Families who elect to pay the annual fee in a lump sum will receive a discount of 5%. The due date for full payment will be in Term 1 end of Week 4.

  • Where the school is contacted by a parent who is experiencing financial hardship, or where they deem it necessary to alter arrangements, the parents will be asked to meet with the Principal or DOSCEL representative. Any payment arrangement that is developed will be confirmed in writing with the parent, and reviewed on an annual basis. All discounts/remissions are to be authorised by DOSCEL.

  • DOSCEL reserves the right to instigate fee collection proceedings for families who have left the school after refusing to pay fees

  • All matters concerning Fee collection and remissions are highly confidential – only DOSCEL, Principal and School Secretary will be privy to such information


Families will not be disadvantaged or excluded from a Catholic education due to an inability to pay full fees. All families in our school will contribute their fair share. Families with difficulties will experience care and support throughout this process.