Learning and Teaching Statement

At St. Ita’s we believe that students learn best when:

  • They have a strong connection with their school, peers and teachers.
  • They are immersed in a curriculum which allows them to experience a variety of teaching and learning approaches.
  • There are high expectations for achievement, where natural curiosity is aroused and where each individual is challenged and motivated.
  • They are recognized as individuals who develop and learn at their own rate and in different ways.
  • They are able to work cooperatively in a range of groupings.
  • They are able to make decisions and choices about learning tasks, empowering them to develop a sense of ownership.
  • The task is clearly defined and the purpose is meaningful to the learner.
  • They are encouraged to be flexible and adaptable to the complexities and uncertainties within the learning environment.
  • They are given regular feedback about their learning performance, the opportunity for self-assessment and the time to reflect on this learning.
  • They are active in their learning and are encouraged to take risks.
  • They take responsibility for their learning.
  • They take responsibility for their learning.
  • They experience success that is recognized and celebrated.
  • Teachers, students and parents work in positive, respectful relationships.