The St Ita's Community

There is a strong sense of community at St. Ita’s and this is evident in the many initiatives provided by both the school and the parish.


At St. Ita’s a strong sense of community is fostered with weekly assemblies where children and parents come together to pray, to celebrate achievements and to share learning. Whole school activities, such as the School Concert, Grand Parents day, Father’s day breakfast and Book Fair, help to bring the children together in multi-age groupings.

The Student Leadership Group, is comprised of children from Year 6 and works to benefit the school and wider community. This group of students has a strong voice and advisory role within the when it comes to school decision making.

Families at St. Ita’s are encouraged to fully participate in the life of the school. Parental involvement brings a diversity of skills to the school community, offers parents insight into school philosophies and allows teachers and parents to work in partnership to provide the best possible learning environment for students. Parents are invited to participate in the Classroom Helpers program, to assist in classrooms and to accompany students on excursions. In line with the child safety act all parental helpers at St. Ita’s are required to have a working with children check.

Parents and carers are invited to join the Parents and Friends Association which organises activities including welcoming new parents, the school uniform shop and fund raising events such as Mother’s Day / Father’s Day stall, Crazy Hair / Fluro School Disco, Twilight Fete, Fun Run, Christmas in a Shoe Box and many other events. For parents who wish to be involved in policy development and within the school, joining the School Advisory Board is encouraged.

Part of our mission at St. Ita’s is build each students awareness of Social justice both in their local and wider community. We recognise that it is important for our children to see beyond self and extend the values stated in our vision and the teachings of the Gospel to those in need. Each year, the St. Ita’s community has supported this by;

  • St Vinnies annual Winter appeal Blankets and Coats

  • Tins For Vinnies

  • The Bishops Foundation

  • Each class sponsors an overseas student’s education for a year via St Vinnies.

  • Planned giving appeal for Caritas.

  • Christmas in a shoe box

At St. Ita’s there are many opportunities for parental involvement and we believe that the children’s educational development is greatly enriched by the active participation of parents and groups from within and outside the school community.


You may be aware that on Wednesday 19 June 2019 the Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD)
Act (2017) comes into effect. What is being referred to as ‘VAD’ is a combination of what in
plain-speaking is more commonly known as physician assisted suicide and euthanasia.

The below pastoral letter has been issued jointly by the Archbishop of Melbourne and the
Bishops of Ballarat, Sandhurst and Sale.

The pastoral letter is accompanied by the document We Care which reminds us that, “Just
as the early Christians were, we too, are called to accompany and care for those who are
suffering”. We Care provides ways in which those who conscientiously object to this law can
accompany people who suffer.


Please read the document: Voluntary Assisted Dying


Please read the document: We Care