At St. Ita’s, we have a whole school approach to student wellbeing. We encourage each student to have a sense of connectedness and belonging. Students who are happy, secure and have positive relationships with others are able to succeed at school and are able to grow as a whole person.


Student Wellbeing is addressed in some of the following ways:


  • Building of positive relationships between students, staff and parents

  • Regular Circle Time in each classroom

  • Building in all our students the capacity to forgive

  • Providing stimulating learning environment where every child can succeed

  • Providing leadership opportunities

  • Awards and acknowledgment of effort and achievement

  • Acknowledgment and praise for positive behaviours

  • Building the resilience of all students

  • Encourage empathy towards others

  • Clear expectation of school rules with a focus on respect for others

Early Intervention

  • Identifying and supporting children who are at risk – socially, emotionally and academically

  • Development of Individual Learning Plans

  • You Can Do It program to reinforce social and emotional learning skills

  • Communication with parents of children who are at risk

  • Individual Behaviour Management Plans


  • Providing support services for at risk children e.g. referrals to psychologists and speech therapists

  • Regular Program Support Group meetings for parents, teachers and specialists

  • Seasons program for children experiencing loss and grief

  • Regular social skills support for children experiencing conflict with peers

  • Support from external professionals to guide programming and support for at risk students

  • Restoring relationships between students after conflict and difficulties